A brassica crop - different varieties available.

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2kg, 5kg or 25kg

Seed Rate



Provides cover for the whole Winter and as long as the crop is not too thick, each plant will develop a strong firm stem resistant to most Winter winds.


Once established, kale gives a secure home to game birds and song birds alike. In its first year it provides excellent cover and in the second year, when it seeds, it also produces a great quantity of highly nutritious feed.


May - early July. Some varieties can be sown in September with mustard, to make an early start the following Spring (as long as pigeon attack isn't too severe).


Fine and firm.


Can be drilled or broadcast (drilling is best). 1 inch deep in 16-24 inch rows. Seed treated with a flea beetle dressing should be drilled not broadcast.




(soil index 2)
N 110kg/ha; P 50kg/ha; K 180kg/ha.
This crop is very hungry and much appreciates FYM.

Bugs & Beasts

Susceptible to flea beetle and should be sprayed immediately upon detection. We often sow with a small amount of phacelia or mustard to provide a canopy, as this can prevent pigeons from attacking small seedlings. Fleecing the crop is an option to protect it during early development.


Chemical control is limited - use a stale seedbed method. There are some pre and post-emergence chemicals available (see your advisor).

Plant Disease

Club root can be a problem if grown continuously for more than 5-6 years, so appropriate rotation is strongly recommended. Some varieties are tolerant of this disease (phone us for advice).


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