Sunflowers are a semi-tropical crop, usually mixed with maize.

Pack Size

10kg or 20kg

Seed Rate

25kg/ha if a straight crop, but if being mixed with maize 5-12kg/ha.


Sunflowers are great for feed throughout the Winter, as well as providing attractive viewing early in the season.


Feed source and aesthetics.


May - June


Loose and warm seedbed, similar to maize.


15-20 inch rows, depth 2 inches maximum.


Light roll only.


(soil index 2)
N 40kg/ha; P 60kg/ha; K 180kg/ha.
Sunflowers require a good level of phosphate and potash but very little nitrogen. If being drilled with maize it is usually advisable to fertilise for the maize crop.

Bugs & Beasts

Everything likes to eat sunflowers from the moment they are planted, especially slugs. Hares, rabbits and birds will also eat the growing shoots.


Only pre-emergence chemical currently available.

Plant Disease

Botrytis can occur in the seed head, but this will only cause the seed to shed which is a benefit in game cover crops. At early stages of growth this crop will produce toxins. Therefore rabbits and deer will tend to leave it alone, but ensure it is fenced from any domestic livestock.


£46.88 per 10kg

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